About Us

The Central Rabbinical Congress (in full: Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada, commonly abbreviated to CRC; in Hebrew: Hisachdus HaRabbonim DeArtzos HaBris VeCanada (התאחדות הרבנים) is a rabbinical organization that is a consortium of many various Orthodox Jewish groups.


After world II, when the survivors started to get to themselves and rebuild their ruins, in hopes to start a new life, thousands of people emigrated to the United States, dozens of communities were transplanted from the destruction in Europe to the States, with the vast population settling down in NYC, The organization Central Rabbinical Congress of USA and Canada, also known as התאחדות הרבנים דארצות הברית וקאנאדא ,known in short as “CRC”, was founded back in 1953, as a rabbinical body to hold together the orthodox communities, and to serve the orthodox and Hasidic Jewry, by grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum OBM of Satmar, along with a few leading rabbis, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Greenwald of Tzelim, Rabbi Yosef Greenwald of Pupa, Rabbi Shimon Yisroel Posen of Shopron, Rabbi Yoinesen Steif of Vien, and Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of Siget, (future Satmar rebbe) as the executive board.

A special panel of Rabbis were appointed to maintain and enforce traditional Jewish law, called ועד לחיזוק הדת ,led by Rabbi Refual Blum of Kasho, Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein of Krasna, Rabbi Yakov Lebowitz of Kapish, and Rabbi Moshe Bick of Mezbu’z.

An advisory board name Vaad leinyonei hoiro’ah, was directed by Rabbi Naftali Henig of Sharmash.

The first beth din clerk was Rabbi Shabse Mordche Berkowitz, being replaced after his passing by Rabbi Yishay Buchinger.

The activities of CRC include but are not limited to coordinating big rabbinical conventions and assemblies, addressing Jewish issues and affairs throughout the USA, Canada and abroad, for more than half a century.

Included in the services to the public, the CRC has a Beth din - rabbinical court, arbitrating and settling hundreds of cases annually, from business disputes to marital issues, siddur kidishin and divorces, and whatever is relevant to a Jewish court – beth din.

The CRC also maintains a full time office known as Beis hoiruah of CRC, with rabbis taking shifts to answer to the public on inquiries in Jewish law, from early morning, till late evening, which was led for many years by Rabbi Shalom Kraus of Udvary.

The beth din rabbinical board is being directed by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Silber serving as head of beth din, with a panel of members of famous dayanim.

Kosher supervision

A board of Kashrus was founded to supervise and approve foods for the consumption of orthodox communities, fitting the standards and requirements of those communities, and was led by Rabbi Yisucher Dov Rottenberg of Voideslav, and Rabbi Usher Babad of Tartikov, one of the first major kashrus projects was the founding of a shechita, producing a full line of meat and poultry slaughtered and koshered under the standards & requirements of the CRC.

The organization grew rapidly, and quickly turned into a major most recognized rabbinical organization, with 100’s of rabbis joining in as members, eventually becoming the voice and umbrella of 100’s of groups and communities consisting of thousands of members throughout the USA and Canada, with great influence internationally.

Today, the CRC runs a major kashrus operation, certifying hundreds of food manufacturing plants, producing thousands of kosher products, as well as many bakeries, catering halls and eateries etc. 2 large poultry plants, and 5 meat processing plants, employing 50 shochtim, a couple of large dairy farms and famous wineries.

The Kashrus division is a major operation occupying a big staff, including well trained observers - mashgichim going around to visit and observe plants and food production facilities supervised by CRC, to physically monitor and ensure that the all requirements are met, professionals doing research and studying ingredients, as well as coordinating production dates for the kosher run with food manufacturers all around the globe, arranging the trips for the observers to get there, and making sure to prepare the company and the mashgichim with the proper instructions, to ensure full compliance.

In 2018 the CRC has expanded and updated their kashrus lab with the proper staff and equipment into a state of the art facility, including a separate division for בדיקת תולעים, bug and food infestation checking.

CRC is publishing a yearly Kashrus info guide before Passover, known as מפתח הכשרות, in addition, a full color brochure on kashrus news and alerts being released a few times a year, whenever there are relevant updates in the kashrus field .

The kashrus division is currently being headed by Rabbi Hillel Weinberger of Serdahel, Rabbi Yitzchok Menachem Eichenstein of Galanta, and Rabbi Shia Heshel Bick of Mezbu'z.